Day 1

For someone like me who had never fully developed cooking skills, this was a brand-new experience! Manuel and Jessica are very knowledgeable chefs who specialise in vegan cooking. On the first day, we cooked “vegan scrambled eggs” and we made our own vegan butter from scratch. We also prepared vegan quiche and “Eggs Florentine” with our own vegan sauce.

Day 2

You would be surprised what you can do with mushrooms! We created a “patty” made of finely chopped mushrooms, vegan spices, some beetroot to add colour and other ingredients. That “meat” patty was for our vegan burger, which also had vegan “bacon” and a special sauce. We also learned how to prepare a vegan shepherd pie and “fish” and chips with tartare sauce. It was very interesting to learn how to make tofu look and taste like fish with sea weed, fish flavours and carving techniques to create the “flakiness” of a fish filet. That day was very fun!

Day 3

My favourite!! We prepared three amazing vegan desserts:
– Gluten free banana bread/ mango bread
– Mango Crème brûlée
– Chocolate soufflé

Chefs would normally need to use eggs for baking any of these desserts and this is a hard ingredient to replace. This was the most interesting lesson about that workshop, how to replace certain ingredients that are basic for cooking or baking.

Thanks to Evolution Hospitality Institute for organising this great workshop alongside with our Australian chef Jessica (who lives in Mallorca) and Manuel (American-Spanish). We learned so much from them regarding world cuisine, cultures and a little about food science.

Of course, we ate all our creations, they were delicious! ?