Terms and Conditions

Payment of Enrolment Fees
Where a student is enrolling into an approved Government funded Program:

An initial non-refundable enrolment fee of $600 applies to all courses approved under a Government funded program ie: Smart and Skilled. This fee is payable in advance before course commences.

Those students who receive a Government Benefit (i.e. Pension or Allowance) may be exempt from paying this fee, or may receive concession rates.

Students claiming an exemption must provide proof that they are receiving benefits (e.g. Health Benefits Card, Health Care Card, and Pension Concession Card).

Where a student is not eligible under the approved Government Funded Program an administration fee of $250 will apply.
Financial Standards
  1. In the case of student funded courses, Evolution Hospitality has measures in place to ensure that students receive a refund of fees for services not provided. This includes services not provided as a result of the financial failure of the Evolution Hospitality; see Refund Policy.

  2. Evolution Hospitality will adopt a refund policy that is fair and equitable both to the student and the RTO.

  3. Evolution Hospitality will ensure that the contractual and financial relationship between the student and Evolution Hospitality is full and properly documented, and that copies of the documentation are made available to the student. Documentation will include: the rights and responsibilities of the student, cost of training, payment arrangements, refund conditions, Agreed Training Plan (Government Funded Program) and any matters that place obligations on the student.

  4. In the case where the employer is funding the cost of training, information of such funding will be provided to the trainee at the discretion of the employer only.
Course Fees
Where a student is enrolled into an approved Government Funded Program the student will be charged the relevant fee set by the NSW Government.
The relevant fee will be determined when Evolution Hospitality enters the student into the Smart and Skilled Provider Calculator.
Evolution Hospitality will charge a nominal fee per course enrolled. An initial course fee must be paid in advance of course start date. Our marketing materials (website, brochures) clearly detail information on fees and refunds.
Where a student is Fee for Service the student will be informed of the fees and charges relating to their enrolment prior to enrolling into a program/ course or qualification.
Evolution Hospitality provides the following fee information to each client:
  • The total amount of all fees including course fees, enrolment fees, material fees and any other charges;
  • payment terms, including the timing and amount of fees to be paid and any non-refundable deposit/enrolment fee;
  • A Confirmation of Enrolment is given by Evolution Hospitality to the student indicating the commencement date and the chosen qualification or course and or Training Plan;
  • The fees and charges for additional services, including such items as issuance of a replacement qualification testamur and the options available to students who are deemed not yet competent on completion of training and assessment, and
  • The organisation’s refund policy.
Fee Exemptions
Where a student is enrolling into an approved Government Funded Program Fee exemption may apply. Evolution Hospitality makes reference to the associated Fee Administration Policy relating to the approved Government Funded Program.
Credit Transfer & Recognition of Prior Learning
Where a student is enrolled into an approved Government Funded Program and Credit Transfer or Recognition of Prior Learning is granted at enrolment Evolution Hospitality will use the Smart and Skilled Provider Calculator to determine the applicable student fee. Where a student is Fee for Service the student will be advised of the fees and charges that apply to Credit Transfer and Recognition of Prior Learning prior to enrolment then confirmed in the Confirmation of Enrolment.
Payments – Course Fees
Prepay /prepaid means, payments made at any time made before, during or after the learner enrols.
Generally the Evolution Hospitality requires upfront payment of course fees. We do not accept pre-paid fees of more than $1000.
We do not require students to prepay fees in excess of $1000.

Prepaid fees include all fees that a learner is required to pay, including enrolment fee, tuition fees, material fees and any other mandatory fee component.
Note: Evolution Hospitality is only required to protect prepaid fees from individual learners and prospective learners which does not apply where an employer engages the RTO to provide training and/or assessment to its staff.
Example: Our Certificate IV in Business retails for $2000 and is a 10 week course. We will charge $1000 at time of enrolment and then $1000 after Week 7. Therefore Evolution Hospitality not need any protection measures.

If Evolution Hospitality changes this policy and such charge will be more than $1500 in prepaid fees, those fees will be protected by a Tuition Assurance Scheme approved by the Vet Regulator (ASQA), this assurance will ensure:
a)      the learner will be placed into an equivalent course such that:
–        the new location is geographically close to where the learner had been enrolled;and
–        the learner receives the full services for which they have prepaid at no additional cost to the learner;or
b)      if an equivalent course cannot be found, the learner is paid a refund of any prepaid fees for services yet to be delivered above the threshold prepaid fee amount.

In line with our values on equity and access a student may approach the RTO if they have circumstances that warrant an alternative payment structure. A payment plan may be warranted.

Incidental Expenses
The price of a qualification is made up of the costs to deliver the training including assessment. A personal cost may occur which includes essential equipment (chef knives, tool kit, uniform, text books and ingredients that are above the required standard and the choice of the student)
Refund of Fees – Enrolment
Employer sponsored courses and traineeships:
Enrolment fee may be refunded under the following circumstances:
  1. If a trainee leaves employer more than (7) days prior to the commencement of the course, full enrolment fee will be refunded, commencement date will be the first scheduled structured training session date booked by the trainer.

  2. If a trainee leaves employer less than (7) seven days prior to commencement of the course 20% of enrolment fee will be forfeited, 80% of enrolment fee will be refunded, commencement date will be the first scheduled structured training session date booked by the trainer/assessor.

  3. No refunds will be granted from the date of the commencement of course.
Note: The administration fee of $600 (Approved Government Funded Programs) and $250 (Fee for Service) are not refundable items.
Refund of Fees – Student
Student Funded Courses (not traineeships)
Course fees may be refunded or reallocated under the following circumstances:
  1. If the RTO, or a third party delivering services on behalf of the RTO, closes or ceases to deliver a unit or units that the learner is enrolled in, the student will receive a full refund (or pro-rata adjusted refund), the RTO may also offer the student a transfer to another course, this choice is for the student to make.

  2. If a refund is requested more than 14 days before course commences, a full refund, less the enrolment fee will be provided

  3. If a refund is requested between 14 days of course commencement and the day of commencement, 50% of the initial course fee will be refunded, less the enrolment fee

  4. If a place is not offered in the course, the student will receive a full refund including the enrolment fee

  5. If the student wishes to change their enrolment into another course at same RTO the course fees paid will be transferred to newcourse

  6. If a student applies for RPL and the application is unsuccessful, there will be no refund.
No Refund
  1. If a student applies for RPL and the application is unsuccessful, there will be no refund.

  2. Once training has commenced in the course no refund is available, unless compelling circumstances prevail i.e extreme personal hardship or medical circumstances which warrant non completion of course. In these cases, the student may wish to return to college at a later date, this will also be approved by RTO (the student must return within 1 year of enrolment date to complete the course)

  3. The student fails to comply with terms and conditions of enrolment which include, college policies and procedures as provided in this Code of Practice and the Student Handbook.

  4. The student provides false or misleading information.
For more information, Please view our refund policy document.