It is in my outmost gratitude to have received this kind of opportunity. I have never felt this determined, challenged and welcomed with my 2 years of stay here in Australia and it’s all because of the help from the school (Evolution Hospitality Institute).

When I first started in school last year, never have i thought that I would develop much confidence within myself, to have interests about my purpose as a student and to showcase my Filipino roots. With my day to day routine together with my Filipina friends it was a satisfying and relieving way to cope up with social norms and mental stress.

Since I took up commercial cookery i must have practical and theoretical classes which i enjoyed the most. With practical ones, i admired not only the teaching skills my trainers had but mostly the interactions I’ve got with them. The way they respond to my concerns and at the same time the fun moments with cooking class is an easement. Theory classes made it look a little bit challenging for me because of the trainer’s I’ve been. I’ve had a good start with recitations but as time flies, I became more matured and focused with my critical thinking.
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Thank you to everyone who once again joined our Café on 3 to support the wonderful ‘Starlight Children’s Foundation’, Patrea and Class are making Thursday’s so special.

We are in touch with the Charity and they are very thankful to us all 🙂 https://starlight.org.au/

A special mention this week to Patisserie Student David Corr, who in his own time baked a stunning cake which he donated to the Café to support the cause !

We will be personally thanking him again for his very, very kind gesture.