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Evolution Masters 2019


We are proud to announce the official list of challenge participants and winners in the Evolution Masters 2019:

Beginner Knife Skills Challenge
1st Place – Kornerina Buanadjaja
2nd Place – Angelito Jr. Domingo Manubay
3rd Place – Meilina Marzukie

Other Participants – Kyunghyun Yeo, Kennedy Wu, Thi Thuy Linh Nguyen, Ming-Li Hsu, Jinhao Du, and Fumi Nakatani.

Commercial Cookery Challenge
1st Place – Lina Shou
2nd Place – Jinrech Ruizol Cuadrasal
3rd Place – Lucas Fagundes Sperb

Other Participants – Seunghyun Lee, Darwin, Cesar Sergio Landeros Hernandes, Giuliane de Fatima Dalla Mariga, Silvia Patricia Aponte Galvis, Jan Vincent Jesswani Yee, Rejina Ghale, Thuy Vi Nguyen, Jesus Ivan Castillejos Furntes, Omar Salomon Bermudez, and Pusheng Zhang.

Patisserie Challenge
1st Place – Ya-Ling Kao
2nd Place – Dian Purnama
3rd Place – Lernan Medina Azarcon

Other Participants – Diana Martinez Carrasquilla, Quoc Bao Tra, Billy Mardhana Jong, Macy Sung, Muge Gezmen, Tommy Suharto, Otakar Husar, and Tak Hong Ko.

Barista Challenge
1st Place – Aakash Gautam
2nd Place – Yi Chieh Wang
3rd Place – Thi Minh Thu Diinh

Other Participants – Naiara Carvalho De Souza, Pongthip Sae-Chew, Tania, Tzu,Yun Yang, and Juo Hwang.

Pop-Up Restaurant Challenge
1st Place – Janine Garbanzos, Wing Ha Lam, Angelica Gayoso & Danica Ayco (they also won last year)
2nd Place – Haenim Lee, Fabian Ballen Avila, Deepa Jadhav & Maekella Dionisio
3rd Place – Chrisrianty, Mark Paule, Johnathan Vera Araujo & Nguyen Huynh Nhu Le

Other Participants – MD Nazmul Hossain, Hiu Cheung Chung, Ramy Gabriel Rozario, Glyndwr Adyn Atienza, Karolina Ayumi Narumi Rodrigues, Diego Sousa Lopes Barbosa, Thi Thuy Linh Tran, and Jessica Lemos Soares.

The pop-up restaurant brigade challenge raised a total of $327.30 in support of Guide Dogs NSW/ACT!!

Great Waiter’s Race:
Our Hospitality Operations student team won this year’s Great Waiter’s Race.

CONGRATULATIONS to all winners and thank you to everyone else who got involved!

Thank you to our sponsors; Johnson’s, J&D Providore, Foodlink Australia, and Snell’s Vending for making generous donations.




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