Event Management

Let us build on your inner diva, turn your creative social planning into a career where the sky’s can be the limit. From the catwalk to product launches to corporate conferences, the career diversity is endless. Turn what you love to do, into an income. Build your network and develop the business skill sets and take the stage by storm.

Certificate III in Events

Certificate III in Events offers an opportunity to develop a diverse range of foundation skills and knowledge and gain essential industry experience across a range of environments which is true to the nature and variety of event platforms. 

This qualification provides a pathway to work for event or exhibition organisations operating in a range of industries including the tourism and travel, hospitality, sport, cultural and community sectors. 

The skills acquired throughout the course will drive strong events administration or operational understanding enabling learners to complete event-related work activities using discretion and judgement. 

Diploma in Events Management

Through undertaking this program you will understand the role of events in the business environment, and learn to comply with statutory requirements. The Diploma of Event Management gives learners the business skills to manage and run large-scale events. 

Throughout the program you will learn to generate creative and innovative event concepts for a business environment and learn how to execute these projects. You’ll gain industry experience while learning from those well established in your chosen industry sector. 

Employment opportunities will come in the areas of:

Advanced Diploma in Events Management

This qualification provides learners with the foundation knowledge and skills individuals operating at a senior level who use a wide range of specialised managerial skills and substantial knowledge of event management processes to conceive, plan and stage events. 

Candidates for a job role would operate with significant autonomy and are responsible for making strategic business and event management decisions. 

The diversity of employers includes event or exhibition management companies, event venues, or organisations that organise their own events. Work could be undertaken in an office environment where the planning of events takes place, on-site at venues where events are staged, or a combination of both.