I am writing on behalf of my incredible experience this far at Evolution Hospitality

I started my Advanced Diploma of Hotel and Restaurant Management back in
October, 2017 and I could not be happier with the choice I have made to study at

Every single staff member whom I have had the pleasure of coming across at
Evolution or even my experience before stepping foot into Evolution, has impacted
my studies in such a positive way.

Virginie Martinez from Go Study helped me with my transition to Australia from
Canada by making my visa application simple and easy. She was always there to
answer any questions I had from overseas in regards to the school and my visa,
which made my move to Australia and to school stress free and exciting.

In the classroom, my teachers in Cert. lll, Patrea and Alison have both made my in
class learning, both hands on and practical in such incredible ways.

Patrea gave us the opportunity to visit Kiribilli community centre every week and
practice our fine dining service skills on the locals! It was an incredible experience
in itself.

Alison brought us to popular different cafes and restaurants around Sydney for a
more visual and hands on approach of work place hygiene and safety.

Simple things like these allowed us to better understand exactly what was required
from us in class to succeed in our studies.
Meeting the marketing team has always been fun! From the amazing photos that the
marketing team have taken of us mixing coctails in class or making our first coffee!

I have to say a special thanks to Jackie and Costa for helping me one on one with my
questions and doubts and guiding me in the right direction back on track to my
advanced diploma.

Thank you Evolution Hospitality Institute!


Open Inner West will be on from Friday 15th to Sunday 24th June, 2018.

This event will be over 10 days, 24 suburbs, and 69 cultures across the inner west!
You will be able to mix with diverse communities from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander backgrounds, established and newly arrived refugee groups who have come up with a number of different ways to share their culture with you, and more.

Find out more through this link https://www.weekendnotes.com/open-inner-west-festival/


Entries for the 2018 Evolution Hospitality and Culinary Skills Challenge are now open.
You will find entry form though Moodle and on Level 3 & 4. We have 5 individual Challenges for students to get involved and 2 group challenges.
Get involved and have some fun, great opportunity to pit your skills against other and test yourself at your ability to grow.